Cyber protection in the organization

collection of actions performed to protect the organization from cyber threats.

step by step

Enterprise cyber protection  process


Executive recruitment


In order to make a material change in the conduct of the company, it is necessary to make an explanatory move with the management of the company


The spirit of change is required to come from management who understands the risks in the cyber dimension and is ready to turn them into organizational change that requires not only resources but primarily a change of consciousness in organizational management.


Genero Cyber ​​Security, together with members of the organization, is leading the initial effort to recruit management by presenting a neat work process, setting goals and setting a realization schedule.

Risk Survey

The risk survey process is a professional process in which the risks to the systems are assessed in accordance with the threats that are presented to the systems. The analysis is essentially technological and examines how different attack scenarios can be implemented on the system, the extent of the security system's resistance to these scenarios and what damage will be caused to each of these scenarios. Professional analysis is a crucial stage and has many implications for the body's security program and therefore extensive professional knowledge is needed to understand and analyze the real threats rather than relying on general assumptions.

Genero Cyber Security provides the most senior security experts with proven experience in conducting surveys and familiarity with a variety of systems in both the IT and Control sectors (SCADA)

Chess King

Policies and procedures

Understanding the existing risks in the network will lead to the construction of a 'risk management' procedure with reference to statistics, effectiveness and cost


The Variety of Threats and Scenarios are Diverse and Many, as it is impossible to answer every possible scenario, it is true that the organization will define a security policy that will map out the scenarios to deal with


The strategy rule will be defined as the company policy as well as the main policy objectives

All insights will be centered on a "policy document" and the security procedures derived from the document will be defined

Identifying threats and security solutions to enterprise systems is only an initial step in the long and complex way of protecting enterprise systems and critical infrastructure. The real challenge comes in the implementation phase of the security program. At this point, security teams face the greatest difficulties, first and foremost, the operational difficulties. Implementing security solutions in production systems is a difficult and complex task. In this process, there is a real threat to system downtime and damage that can be critical. Often, security teams are reluctant in light of this fear of running security systems in full configuration and deploying the deployment process over very long periods (usually in time windows where the system is disabled for maintenance).

Genero Cyber ​​Security has the most senior security experts with proven experience in implementing security systems and familiarity with a variety of systems in both the IT and Control Sector (SCADA).


Notebook and pen

Process control

Building an effective security control is a long process that takes many resources

Control planning does not end after its implementation

As successful as it may be, the attacker, the means and the threats change from time to time and therefore it must be attacked on an ongoing basis.


Process control will be performed by conducting reviews of the implementation and enforcement of the procedures, addressing the gaps and the need for the existing procedure.


The procedures will be centralized and reviewed in an annual work plan while examining the need and updating accordingly