Employee Reliability Services

Risk and Organizational Policy Survey

The first step in managing employee reliability in an organization is a risk survey that aims to identify the key risks in the organization.

After conducting the survey, the professionals in this field are required to formulate an organizational policy that will be approved by the company's management.

Organizational policy examines other issues such as corporate values, the concept of work relations that form the normative basis for how the organization is conducted.



Background checks

Part of the information mining process is based on checking the candidate's history

The sources of information are

  • Social Networks

  • Legal and economic databases

  • Media and Communication


This process is subject to legal restrictions that vary in accordance with local law while maintaining the candidate's privacy




Questioning job integrity

Questioning is a face to face conversation where personal details are gathered

His life is examined

Other topics that pose potential risk factors are examined :

  • Delinquent behavior

  • Economic management

  • Addictions

  • Data Security


Purpose of Questioning:

  • Verify information

  • Identify signs of lying

  • Understand the personality structure

  • To examine the interests and motives of the candidate

  • Overall impression of the interview with an emphasis on performance, personal level, collaboration, concealment attempts

  • Weighing the data

  • Making a decision

  • Recommendations

The procedure is carried out by professional workers trained to perform job integrity questioning in the private business sector, while maintaining the individual's honor, human dignity, discretion, and subject to the rules of the law.


Call termination role


Employees at the end of their employment are a source of knowledge and information whether the employee leaves voluntarily or is fired

The purpose of the conversation is to gather his insights in order to maintain confidentiality
Identify weak spots that can cause damage to the organization


The conversation is conducted according to pre-defined questions and is also
uniquely tailored to the organization

Interview results:

  • Deficiencies and places to improve-

  • Loopholes in physical and information security -

  • Incorrect organizational conduct-

  • Affinity for the organization

Employee Reliability Management Course

About the program:


Employee reliability is a key issue in any business organization.

Employees in the organization and its managers are required to act in a certain way: keeping the law, conducting business honestly, fairness, reliability, respect for each person, confidentiality, rules of conduct when performing a job, reporting breach of instructions and more.
Rules of conduct required of company executives and employees contain the means to establish and maintain trust, credibility and integrity between employees and management, between the organization and all its customers, and between the company's employees and themselves.
There is a possibility of predicting potential for occupational risk Employee potential may be realized when there is a risk factor such as economic crisis, delinquent behavior, addictions and more.
The trust management program provides a comprehensive concept of protecting the organization from the recruitment process until the employee's employment is completed.

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